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Hostellers and dayscholars! Well each one of us, being college students is well acquainted with these terms.

Moreover, our facebook pages are constantly flooded with memes and jokes by the people of these two categories trying to prove their superiority over the other. So, the absolute truth lies in the fact that every college bears this inherent curse of being divided into these classes. This tradition has been going on since time immemorial.
I am a proud dayski and according to me, dayscholar life is far more awesome, but no looking down upon hostellers from my side. Rather, I feel that this is that one scenario where people of both the classes can mutually coexist and a symbiotic relationship is present between them. So, any racism or classism or sexism or any other ‘ism’ to sound cool isn’t required in this case (quite unlike what people love to read and hear). Also, I am experienced enough to claim that every hosteller in the entire world does need a dayscholar best friend!

Here are some reasons:

  1. The ‘Maakehaathkakhaana’  –   Stating the obvious! ‘Tiffin’ is the most important reason for hostellers to befriend dayscholars. It is not that hostellers don’t get food, they do get food, but sadly, food in a mess. Dying of hunger is a better option according to some of my hosteller friends. I have myself tasted that food(don’t ask how) and I can strongly say that what they say is not an exaggeration, rather it is an understatement to express the quality of the food. The concepts of ‘Baal makhani’ and ‘Sadhaipaneer’ do exist. All you dayskis, try it once and it will definitely force you to kiss your mom’s hands. Comparing home food and mess food is actually like comparing Amitabh Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan in terms of acting. But the dilemma we dayskis face is, whether ‘To open or not to open your lunchbox’ in front of hostellers because a cursory glance will follow with the message “Tugharpebhitohkhaasaktahai”, and after you open it, you are left astounded, wondering where did the food disappear! So hostellers, kindly value those real life foodpandas who feed you free each and every day of your life.


  1. Dayski Tourists Pvt. Ltd. Well no offense against the Delhi(far) category, but most of the hostellers are not from Delhi. Thus, tourist guide is another role every dayski has to play during his/her college tenure. They need to be acquainted with the ABC..of the city. Every hangout spot is a must-know for them, considering the number of mass bunks we people have. So, you need to show them everything: monuments, gardens, temples, amusement parks, malls, clubs, bars, and most importantly-food junctions. Exploring the city and travelling all around is real fun and thanks to Delhi Metro, cheap too!


  1. P.J (Shopping)- Not sounding boastful, but it is an unquestionable fact that we Delhi kids are inherently blessed with a really good fashion sense. We are well acquainted to all the major brands and stores and current fashion trends. The outsiders naturally take time to adjust to this. Thus, we dayskis need to take these hostellers out for shopping and make them buy good clothes. They learn decent dressing here and boys enjoy shopping even more, because they are able to look at pretty girls while shopping. Well, S.P.J stands for Sarojini, Palika, Janpath-The official ‘addas’ of the DUites.



  1. Paisa paisakartehain, paisepekyunmartehai? ‘Udhaar’ is one word that fails to leave the tongue of hostellers and dayscholars are their very own ATM(All-Time Money). Owing to the announcement of demonetization directly before our end sems, their life was dependent on us. Hostellers mostly spend all their money on ordering food online (refer to point no. 1) and are left with empty pockets. And statements like ‘Abhi bas vaapiskartahu’ influence one to lend. Believe me, it’s a trap! The amount goes on increasing exponentially. But, eventually, they do cater to your constant pleadings and return the money and lend some on the very next day! 😛


  1. ‘Family Touch’ I saved the emotional bit for the end. And considering that all Karan Johar movies are big hits, I hope this policy works here too. So, this is not something straight out from a daily soap, but it is a fact that we all do find a ‘Star Parivaar’ for us. Hostellers have to live away from their families so they find a new family amidst the entire hustle and bustle of this new city. Dayskis have parents to guide them at every step and so hostellers find parents and siblings in their dayski friends. Encouraging them to bathe once in a while and inculcating good values when they tend to forget them and becoming counselors during sad times are some of the major duties of a dayscholar.

-Ishan Arora, Batch of 2020!

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