Types of Girl Hostelers

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There’s only one word to describe the atmosphere inside a girls hostel – UNREAL. An outsider can never imagine what goes on inside. From those late night girl talks to sleepless nights before exams, from night-outs to unplanned Harlem Shakes, from fighting over silly issues to making life long buddies, there are only a few experiences that can come close.
So here’s an insider view of the 10 types of girls you will find in the girls hostel of NSIT.

  • 1. The Runaway Princess

Home’s sweet home, indeed. The one who can’t imagine spending more than the bare minimum time in the hostel. They definitely make the most of their Delhi/NCR residency.One day holiday? Check. Classes got over early or start late the next day? Check. The weekend? Double check, duh!

2. The Gossip Girl

The database girl. The one who knows everything, everyone and everything about everyone. Need intel about that cute guy you saw the other day? “Oh yes, I know that guy from…”

3. The Nerd (Ghissu)

This girl knows the syllabus better than the professors. Spotting them around the campus after the classes have ended is a mammoth task, for they are already back in their rooms studying. Everyone flocks to their rooms a night before the exams.

4. The Agony Aunt

Usually a senior, they are the ones who are always ready to provide us with the much needed advice on how the different societies work, how to bend the strict hostel rules (xD) and most importantly, how to have fun without compromising our studies.

5. The Loner

She prefers her own company over someone else’s and can be found cooped up in her room. Serious girls with a serious face. Phew.

6. The Busy Bee

They are the ones who belong to every society you can think of and are always busy with meets, practice, research work etc (even on weekends). Some of them take hostel accommodation only to manage their hectic schedules.

7. The Order-In Queen

It is a truth universally acknowledged that mess food is a nightmare. These girls can give Sherlock tough competition in knowing all the cheap eateries around, become expert at budget management and often emerge as fledgling cooks themselves!

8. The Cleanliness Freak

Their spotlessly clean rooms are the envy of the entire hostel. Everything is neatly tucked away in their respective places. They are ones who usually get up extra early to make sure the cleaning lady cleans their room before classes start.

9. The Messy One

The polar opposite of the aforementioned, their rooms or their side of the room (the universe states that the cleanliness freak and the messy one have to be roommates) looks like it was hit by a hurricane- rumpled clothes, books, food wrappers can be found covering the bed, chair, table and at times the floor as well.

10. The Real Hosteler

Lastly, a very rare group in NSIT- The true hostelers. The few who belong neither to Delhi nor the NCR and only get to go home once in a few months. They are always after you to give them a tour of the city!

– By: Ananya Srivastava
Batch of 2020

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