The Battle

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They fought and fought and fought some more,
With bloody hands and scars galore,
Battle Scars and Battle wounds.

Shadows of grief and loss, of fears and cries,
Locked within those cold steel grey eyes,
Of those who fought valiantly.

They fought and fought and fought some more,
In silences of understanding as emotions poured,
Letting out curses at the enemy line.

Shouting out war cries and commands,
When all they wished to do was run away so hard,
To weep alone in fear and despair.

Like a nine year old, afraid of ghosts and darkness,
They begged to cry the pain out,
And begged the pain to die.

They begged without shame, inside;
They cried inside and died inside;
But still spat at the enemy’s face,
Still held the gun and fired along,
All brave men, armored in pretense,
In hope, in faith, so bleak, at such a distance :/

They fought and fought and fought some more,
Overcoming the overwhelming fear in the core,
They fought.

For they had sworn on their still beating hearts,
To fight till the last breath.
So they fought and fought and fought some more,
And died.

Died fighting, those brave men!
They died on the damp, blood stained grounds,
The rain washing away their wounds.

“All the pain shall end when we die” they thought,
They were wrong-
For their souls still hurt,
“We died for nothing”, they wept,

But all promises were meant to be kept,were meant to be kept!

-Shashank, Batch of 2020


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