Society Experiences: Mirage- The Western Dance Crew of NSIT

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Name: Shubham Sharma
Society: Mirage- The Western Dance Crew of Nsit
Q.1. When and in which department were you recruited?
I was recruited in August 2015, in the performing team.
Q.2.What all targets are met by the society on a daily/monthly basis?
We try to complete as many routines as possible and they depend on when the next competition is going to be held.
Q.3.Does your society organize its own fest or participates in major inter/intra college events? Share your experiences.
We try to participate in as many inter college competitions as possible. The society organises Oorja, the western dance competition of NSIT during MOKSHA. My experience so far has been worth remembering. Mirage has improved me as a dancer, boosted my confidence, helped me in getting rid of stage fear and the list goes on. It is the only place in college where I love working hard.
Q.4.What overall improvements has the society brought out in your life?
The society has made me a better dancer, brought discipline in my life and improved my level of fitness. It has also boosted my confidence and helped me in expanding my social circle. It is my escape from the monotonous college life into a world of grace.
Q.5.Did you ever face problems in balancing society work, academics and personal life?
Not at all. Mirage has many members who are performing exceptionally well in academics. I myself have been scoring 75% on average. The seniors make sure that societies’ work does not interfere with academics or personal life of any member.
Q.6.How frequent are the society meets and what all objectives are covered?
Our meetings are held every one week or two where we discuss our improvements and make plans for the further weeks to come.
Q.7.How is the interaction among society members?
The environment within mirage is very healthy. All the members gel up very well. Every member is always available for others, be it for mirage or any academic purpose.

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