Society Experiences: eCell- The Entrepreneurship Cell of NSIT

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Name: Naman Malhotra
Society: eCell- The Entrepreneurship Cell of NSIT

Q.1.When and in which department were you recruited?

I was recruited in August 2014 in the Technical Department in semester one.

Q.2.What all targets are met by the society on a daily/monthly basis?

The society meets weekly/biweekly depending on the demands of upcoming events.  During major activities like orientation, recruitment drive and its annual entrepreneurship fest- eSummit; atleast one meet is scheduled every day.

Q.3.Does your society organize its own fest or participates in major inter/intra college events? Share your experiences.

eCell NSIT organizes eSummit every year and the inaugral edition was held last year in 2k16.
The society also takes part in National Entrepreneurship Challenge(NEC) at IIT Bombay every year and a delegation was recently in Bombay for the same; NEC’17 from 26th Jan – 30th January.

Other than this, many young entrepreneurs from eCell NSIT visit umpteen colleges during business plan and marketing competitions to pitch their venture.
Q.4.What overall improvements has the society brought out in your life?

Let me share my experience, with a little story.
I always wanted to do things differently, walk on the less traveled path. By the time I joined NSIT,; eCell was done with its recruitment. I felt disappointed at first but decided not to give up.

I directly contacted Akshey Pruthi Sir (4th then president) who then connected me to Arpit Arora Sir(3rd yr) . I showed him my work and justified that I had fire to learn and grow.Finally, I was selected. After seeing my work, passion and dedication, I was even selected for NEC IITB delegation in my first year.

If you think,  you are passionate and want to bring a change then eCell is for you.

eCell is a family of highly motivated and hard-working people who have helped me in imparting people’s skills of organization and management. I have devoted more than two years of my life to eCell and it is truly my second family now.

Q.5.Did you ever face problems in balancing society work, academics and personal life?

I have always been that kind of person who devotes himself to work. I have been juggling with my academics, start-up and society work and it has been given me an immense sense of leadership. I didn’t find a problem in balancing these things as I am passionate about my work.

 Q.6.How frequent are the society meets and what all objectives are covered?

During the meets, roles are assigned to all the members and execution of events is planned. Upcoming events are discussed and finally, we also party sometimes :p

Q.7.How is the interaction among society members?

There is a more family and less society like feel at eCell NSIT. It has a relaxed aura like that of a typical start-up and thus, it is delightful to pursue and promote entrepreneurship in such a progressive atmosphere.

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