Football League

A football league is being organised in NSIT for all NSIT & IIIT-D football freaks out there.This is going to be the first-of-its-kind football league and will be having its first season this time.Its not a deparment-wise tournament and teams would be formed by mutual understanding of all team players.A team should comprise of 16 players. Also, to avoid having exceptionally strong/weak teams, players would be assigned points based on a rough judgement of their skills or ability. A player would either be given a skill level of 1,2 or 3. Each team would be alloted a certain number of points which it may use to acquire players.Matches would be held twice or thrice a week depending on the number of teams formed.
The timings and days when the matches would be held have not been fixed yet and would simply be based on a majority poll.Players would be allowed to transfer twice during the entire tournament subject to the fact that both teams agree to the transfer and neither exceed their alloted number of points.So,start honing your skills to be a part of the NSIT FOOTBALL LEAGUE.Looking forward to an active participation from all the footbaal enthusiasts out there.For any further details,contact:

Samvid Sharma


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