” Live as if you were to die tomorrow ,learn as if you were to live forever”. Realising the depth of the quote by mahatma Gandhi , students of NSIT have begun to empower the underpriviledged with the treasure of education and learning.

Every single step with the right motive in right direction leads to big differences. With this vision in our eyes and earnest desires to address the issues gripping our society from time and burgeoning day by day, we wanted to get answers to the endless debates our own way.

We hold workshops for slum children,organize collection drives and spread awareness about the problems of the society. We interact with the poor and try to provide technical solutions to them and hence hence serve in building a nation through our small endeavours . Seeing the students’ beaming faces while working to uplift the underpriviledged  and bringing about a social change , the Neighbourhood Project gets more enthusiastic in its aim to help those around us,who need our help and are not fortunate as we are.

Several social events organised by Neighbourhood Project involve media coverage.

In addition , a mini library has been started for children from the construction sites in the NSIT campus to impart knowledge. Its a place where primary level books and toys are housed.

Kriti-Annual fest of neighbourhood project provides a wonderful interaction platform to the kids studying in non formal schools.

As the progresses, we have become one with our children and have touched many lives .