Leaders for Tomorrow is a not-for-profit youth leadership movement to awaken the social consciousness of the youth, encourage volunteerism and social action among them. The main purpose of this movement is to provide young minds with a platform where they can express their views, generate ideas, interact with senior leaders and achievers, educate themselves about issues around them, learn new skills, work at the grassroots level, lead few social initiatives, enhance their personality and in the process ignite the LEADER in THEM!!

It organizes many programmes and projects for the same.


  •  To encourage young members to start thinking about social issues, build proactive and innovative solutions and explore how their skills can be utilized for Social Development.
  •  To encourage youth to take up larger LEADERSHIP roles by providing them personality development and skills training along with training in LEADERSHIP and Entrepreneurship

In nutshell, it aims at grooming college students in leadership and social development and channelizing the great potential of the youth towards NATION BUILDING!!

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Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leaders-for-tomorrow/182576271816524