The NSIT Quiz Club


The NSIT Quiz Club is probably the most active society of NSIT which organizes quizzes within the college on a weekly basis and conducts the quizzes on the college’s behalf during the college fests. The members are committed to encouraging a culture of quizzing within college students by conducting good quality quizzes on a regular basis. Members of the NSIT Quiz Club have been doing exceedingly well in quizzes all over the country and have earned great repute and respect in quizzing circles. The NSIT Quiz Club has been successfully organizing the NSIT QUIZ FEST for some years now, which attracts quizzers from all over the Delhi-NCR circuit and even further. A must-join society for all the people who want to have a nice informatively witty time at college.


  • Shashank Singh – 7838246033
  • Sarthak Khuntia – 9999925229