NSIT Alumni Association – a meeting place for all the past and current students of the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT) aims to connect all NSITians and create a vibrant community of NSITians.This association belongs to all NSITians- and if you want something done differently OR if you want to do something under our banner OR have any comments criticisms and suggestions– speak/write- and we (which includes you) will work together to get things done and make things happen.

The NSIT graduate network – over 5000 graduates – is always ready to help you with networking opportunity and career advice. From Australia to North America, NSIT graduates can be found in every major corporation and research house around the globe. Many graduates are highly accomplished in their respective fields, further enhancing the recognition of quality education at NSIT.

Our alumni serve as mentors and advisors and encourage employers to hire NSIT graduates for internships and permanent positions. These are powerful career resources for you. Upon graduation, we will count on your contribution to this expanding network.
The Alumni Directory provides students with easy access to up-to-date alumni information. Students use the web-enabled database to exchange valuable information and to network.

On the following website >>, you can reconnect with alumni or current students, find information about the activities going on in NSIT presently and read articles written by the alumni in the alumni newsletter ’Reminisce’.
If you are an alumnus, you can view the changes that the college has undergone since the time you were here, or trace the whereabouts of some of your class/batch mates. If you are a current student, you can ask questions to various alumni, or check out the glorious list of alumni that NSIT has produced over the years.


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