Debating Society

DEBSOC- The Debating Society Of NSIT

Promoting communication and advocacy skills,encouraging critical and creative thinking abilities among students this open society is one of the most active society of NSIT. It is responsible for training and sending debators in all debating,literary and inter college events including MUNs, PD (parliament debates) and conventional debates. club holds its weekly meetings emphasising on GDs and others public activities.

with the convincing appeal to their intellect and winning the heart of their audience, members of DEBSOC have emerged as winners among many DU and non DU college events.

COLLOQUIM-the NSIT debating festival is arguably one of the best debating festival in Delhi. The events under consideration of this festival are conventional debates,literary quizzes, MUN ,joint parliamentary committee and case studies.

International competitions also include media coverage.

The club encourages participation from more students and hence cultivate the power of advancing arguments forcefully and convincingly.

DEBSOC looks forward to take its society on larger strides every year.