NSIT Motorsports

NSIT Motorsports ,founded in August 2006, is the oldest automotive team in NSIT. It has taken part in 4 Baja SAE All Terrain Vehicle design and fabrication competitions and has other automotive projects under its belt too.

It aims at achieving its passion for building vehicles and prove its mettle against competition from across the globe in SAE organised events. NSIT Motorsports is a platform for engineering minds to express themselves and bring to life a real world implementation of theoretical knowledge gained over the course of the degree.
The team has so far tested its mettle on designing and manufacturing of All Terrain Vehicles and Solar Trike. Specifically it holds expertise in designing of ATVs and have been participating in BAJA event now for two consecutive years where these ATV’s are put to test on most rough and undulating terrains. During the course of manufacturing of the vehicle it puts to practice its technical and manegerial abilities, making a vehicle out of locally available workshop facilities and limited sponsored funds.


To win SAE Baja South Africa 2011


1. MS1 Agni
2. MS2
3. MS3 Zoe
4. MS4
5. MS5 – In Production
6. Solar-Human powered hybrid Trike
7. GPS module, GPS clock

Website: http://www.nsitmotorsports.com/

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Email :team2010@nsitmotorsports.com