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Woah !! 2016 is coming to an end and I am still figuring out the whereabouts of the last 365 days of my life. Okay, well 366 days :p
Well, it really has been a mixed year for each one of us. We have shared love, friendships, hatred, fears and possibly all other emotions with someone or the other.
As freshers’, we got to get a glimpse of college life and also, how examinations could get so scary when you bang your head against the textbooks one night before the showdown.

As sophomores & seniors, umpteen new lessons in the school of life were learnt and some amazing & even some not so amazing memories were woven.
But you know what keeps us all geared up & energized :: the fact that we have another year before us!
Another opportunity to relive some of those amazing moments and maybe to subtract some of them and of course, an opportunity to finally CRACK THE SEMESTER! 🙂

So guys; a new chapter of our lives is just round the corner! Why not make it a little more special by taking some resolutions that we could actually follow (unlike all the previous years whose resolutions were furiously lambasted XD). Well the list for an NSITian could have been somewhat like :

1. Next sem sachi mein phodna hai :: Seriously start working hard from day 1! It isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Enjoy hard but don’t compromise with this SEM!
2. Make the outing plans workout this time ::
Make some super awesome plans with your buddies and make them work out as well by coordinating well. You don’t get to relive college days again, mate!
3. Get fitter :: Well, now is the time to work out and gain the perfect shape you always wanted to have ( but this time for real).
4. Coding :: This time, we all need to surely improve our coding skills to become the real technician we were set forth for & for those of us looking to scale the non- tech pyramid; we need to get going with a perfect CV!
5. Trim your skills :: Make this the time when we can finally work to develop our “not so academic related” skills. Maybe we could finally pave our way towards a bright future through the new year ahead of us which is full of high anticipations.
6. & The most IMPORTANT of all the resolutions thought out goes as follows:: FOLLOW EACH ONE OF THEM ATLEAST THIS TIME!

KEEN For 2k17? Well, I AM.

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