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Greetings people!
The terror of MidSems is finally over. In order to prepare & alert you all about the forthcoming challenges, COLLEGESPACE brings to you a glimpse of the Internship Experiences of our super talented seniors!

Introducing you all to Deepanshu Pandey, a third year who got the amazing opportunity to work as an intern with Directi (media.net) during 2017.

Here is an excerpt of an interview session with him :

1. Please specify your profile and the company you have been placed in.
ANS: I have been offered the post of a platform engineer at Directi(media.net).


2. How did you apply for this company and what was the selection procedure?
ANS: I applied off-campus via referral from a senior already working in Directi(Mumbai). The selection procedure involved 3 algo based rounds, out of which clearing any 2 leads to a final manager interview round which was also algorithm based.

3. Please provide details about questions asked in written tests and interviews?
ANS: As i applied off-campus, there were no written tests. I gave 2 algorithm rounds over skype in a day and cleared them. Thus, I was spared from a 3rd round. The first 2 algorithm rounds had questions completely based on dynamic programming. You are given 50 mins to explain your approach and write a working code.

Question asked in 1st round were:

You are given a binary tree and you have to write a function which returns true if it is possible to colour the tree with 2 colours red and blue(say) such that the nodes of the same colour are not at a distance greater than k(given) else returns false.
The expected time complexity for this question was O(N^2). In the 2nd round i was asked 2 questions. First, you are given a series of balloons which have values B[i] associated to the i’th balloon respectively; you prick a random balloon say ‘i’ then this act adds to the cost B[i]*B[i-1]*B[i+1] and the balloon disappears. This process is repeated till at the end the leftmost and rightmost balloon remain. So this final cost had to be maximized (Expected time complexity O(N^3) ) and the second question was a trick based question from gfg.
The final round happened after a few days, that too was over skype. I remember the question vaguely which aimed at designing the suggestions made by t9 mobile keyboard, given valid words in a dictionary. It involved dp on tries and there wasn’t one perfect answer to the question but it involved step by step modifications. This round was more of designing + algorithm. This round lasted for 30 mins and 2 hours later, I was given the internship offer.

4. How did last 2-3 years plan out for you academically? We would like to know projects, internships and extra-curriculars done by you.
ANS: Academically i somehow managed to get a net aggregate of 70+ in order to clear maximum companies’ percentage cutoff. I had no internship experience prior to this. I love to play guitar and i also love to sing along. I was active on soundcloud for a while. As far as projects are concerned, I did 3 projects, 2 of the winter training and 1 under Dr. Shampa Chakerverty. But none of these were worth mentioning on my CV and rather I didn’t even mention them during internship season as I had completely forgotten what all I had contributed in these projects 😛
So this was equivalent to doing no projects but I wasn’t unaware of the dev side of the world 😛

5. How did you prepare for the internship season?
ANS: I didn’t do any special preparation for internship season. I was active on various online judges like codeforces,  hackerrank, hackerearth, csacademy and topcoder. Towards the end of the summer break before intern season, I did gfg for 2 weeks(ran out of time to be honest :P) and that needs to be done for topics like linked lists and trees (BST,binary tree etc) because competitive programmers hardly face these topics during contests. Rest I just got lucky 😀

6. What does this company look for in an ideal candidate?
ANS: Directi has a startup culture and they expect the candidate to handle pressure well and learn new tech and adapt themselves well.

We thank Deepanshu Pandey for sharing his invaluable advice and experiences with us and we wish him the best luck for his future!

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