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NSIT’s Hall of Fame brings out the  special edition on internship and placement experiences. We have Deepika Naryani’s story from guts to glory. Read on to find out her informative experience as she goes on to bag three amazing offers from Airtel, VISA Inc and Adobe!

1. Please specify your profile and the company you have been placed in.

I have three offers currently.
Member of Technical Staff at Adobe, Software Engineer at VISA Inc and Software Engineer at Airtel. I’ll talk about Adobe’s process in this interview.

2. How did you apply for this company and what was the selection procedure?

Adobe came on campus for women only. First round was held online on Co-cubes platform. The shortlisted students were later called for interviews at Adobe, Noida.

3. Please provide details about questions asked in written tests and interviews?
Online round: There were two online tests on Co-cubes. First included a set of 60 aptitude questions to be done in 60 minutes. The second was a coding round with 2 questions to be solved in 30 minutes.

Interviews: There were four rounds. Three of them were technical, one was HR. The first and second round were of moderate difficulty. The third technical round tested in-depth knowledge of OOPS, OS, and designing apart from some advanced data structures.

4. How did the last 2-3 years plan out for you academically? We would like to know the projects, internships and extra-curriculars done by you.

I have two international publications with ACM and IEEE, and some projects ranging from games and websites to AI. Apart from that, I’ve done two back-end development internships. I’ve also been involved in a lot of extra-curriculars and societies and currently hold the PoR of President in CollegeSpace, Content Editor in The Alliance and Senior Coordinator in CSI and ResearchNSIT.

5.What does this company look for in an ideal candidate?

You have to prepare hard enough to cross the preliminary screening rounds. After that, I think any company wants a candidate who is confident, has the particular skills the company looks for ( e.g a company that has huge volumes of data might focus on DBMS, Big Data etc. ) and someone who plans to stay in the company for a long time.

6.This season is full of ups and downs. Would you like to share some experience or provide advice to juniors?

The placement season is full of ups and downs! Everyone wants the best for themselves, and it’s not a bad thing to want more. The key to get what you want, according to me, is being persistent and not giving up, ever.

7.What is that one thing you would suggest juniors NOT to do?

To NOT ignore academics. You might have heard people telling you it doesn’t matter or to maintain some particular percentage and not invest time into improving it but here’s the thing, these scores matter when you’re doing an MBA and also when you plan on doing MS. They play an essential role in the placement season because most of the big companies shortlist on the basis of percentage.

COLLEGESPACE would like to congratulate Deepika Naryani and wishes her good luck for her future endeavors.


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