Most innovative gadgets of 2k16.

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A new year brings new hopes, new aspirations, new friends and new gadgets.

Amazingly enough, our life seems incomplete without the last one.

Well, 2016 has ended but the overwhelming craze and excitement about the gadgets, both old as well as new is ever persisting.

Respecting your aspirations & curiosity, Collegespace presents you with a list of top 10 gadgets of the previous year.

Believe me, you will all be astounded by their details and would even secretly aspire to own one of them.

1. Samsung Modular TV

This one is more a tech concept than anything else, but the idea of a modular television is admittedly an interesting one. Essentially, each of these pieces of the screens can be used independently, as well as move together and form screens in different aspect ratios. The really cool thing is that when they form together, it’s totally seamless—meaning you can’t see the lines between the individual pieces.

2. 3 D printer

A fantastic entry point into the world of 3D fabrication. Compared with its rivals the Mini 2 is simple to set up, produces finely detailed prints and looks pretty good when not in use.

3. Eye Massager

Well, tech is not only the domain of men but women as well. Beauty has finally obtained a place in tech, although it still had a smaller presence at CES than other trends. Companies like FOREO are leading the way in connecting the two industries with its IRIS ILLUMINATING EYES MASSAGER. The gadget is tiny enough to carry anywhere and works to massage your eye area.

Woah, girls!

4.Petnet’s Smart Feeder

Have a pet? Not to worry — they’re getting the 21st-century treatment as well. Some like Petnet’s Smart Feeder may make your pet healthier. Others like the PetBot can connect you with your pet, even if you’re not around. This product lets your pet take a selfie that goes directly to your phone and lets you call them and give them a treat.

Pet lovers!  Don’t you wanna buy this for your Bruno or kitty?

5. Lumo Run

Who needs even smartphones when our clothes are themselves smart enough to track us?

These days, trackers aren’t just bracelets or watches or even necklaces. Wearables that are actually clothes, like these LUMO RUN Shorts and capris. They feature a tracker embedded in the lining of the shorts that acts as a coach after collecting your running data.

6. Love you Home

After installing these gadgets in your house, I bet you would surely say ‘love you home’  every time you enter.

Get ready for several parts of your house to get more tech-friendly. Products like D-Vine a wine decanter that serves you a perfect glass of wine just might make your life easier — especially while you’re unwinding. Need another example? Check out Samsung’s Family Hub Fridge. It’s a fridge with an LCD screen that can be used to order groceries.

7.  Withings Thermo

Say goodbye to simple health products. These days, it’s getting capabilities that connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. One item that stood out? The  Withings Thermo. Not only does it read your temperature in two seconds, but it also keeps track of it on an app — all via WiFi.

So it is the high time to say goodbye to bad health & welcome this amazing gadget in your lives.


Do you know what is the smartest & best part of gadgets?

Well, they make our monotonous everyday life interesting.Take the oombrella, for example. The smart umbrella lets you know when it’s going to rain and reminds you not to leave it behind. It might not be the most necessary thing in the world, but it’s pretty impressive.

9.Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat’s much-hyped video-recording sunglasses are totally awesome in spite of their simple hardware. But they require rules for the real world.

Hurray! Snapchat addicts!

10.Anki Cozma

We have saved best for the last!

The Anki Cozmo is a cute little robot with a tonne of personality. Powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence, Cozmo is self-aware, capable of recognising its owner and expressing feelings, and always ready to play games. Those who like to dig further into robotics, can utilise a developer platform and add more features to Cozmo. Overall, this is one of the coolest gifts for techies of all ages to give this year.

Maybe some of these are not so cool & some may be indeed jaw dropping too!

But these gadgets are our lifelines and our supporters in our everyday life!

-Swapan Asija

(COE ’20)


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