Moksha’17 : A Roller-coaster Ride

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Moksha: A Rollercoaster Ride

Remember your last roller coaster ride? That thrilling, suspenseful and exhilarating experience. Undoubtedly, Moksha’17 was a roller coaster ride in NSIT’s World of Wonder. You could hear the buzzing of excitement from your fellow seniors talking about previous times and how thrilling Edward Maya had been. You could feel all the animosity as your neck hair peaked with anxiousness, accelerated by the fact that it was the first fest for the freshers. Come one, come all. Let’s enjoy this ride once more, above all, we won’t charge a penny! Fasten your seat belts, take a deep breath and off you go…

Finding the scorching rays skin-burning? Want to get down?

Sorry, you’re strapped. No escape now!

*Sun Lord grins*

The ride began with a jaw dropping display of creativity at the Admin by the Fine Arts Team. Be it the abstract portrait of Durga or Shiva’s sprawling dreadlocks, each stroke of the brush was picture perfect. The entire campus was decked out in beautiful mythological posters and decorations relaying the theme of our fest. A special mention to the makers of those cute idols of Krishna and Buddha.

Day 1 started off with the melodious musical performances of Dhwani, thought provoking street plays of Soch, a glamorous and a sun-kissed Rogue, out of the box themes of Mudra and ended with the sunburn famous- DJ NDS pumping up the crowd’s energy with his electronically generated and mixed music. Disagree with the last description? Just a reminder, in every roller coaster ride, your climb dramatically starts to slow down as you reach the peak of the structure. Yeah you guessed it right, Day 2 was indeed the highlight!

There was a rumbling as gravity pulled the cars down the amusement filled second day. Stage plays in Parwaaz stole the limelight. The questionnaire session of Mr. and Miss Moksha bore testimony to the fun NSITians are capable of, provided the Admin buries its head. Remember that ‘awww…’ moment when one of the contestants screamed her heart out revealing the name of her long time crush who happened to be standing in the audience! The evening ball truly unveiled some of the long suspected and a few of the unsuspected couples. Fahrenheit was a blockbuster with Jasleen Royal leaving us astounded with her melodious and wonderful songs. This one woman army indeed silenced all those auto-tuner dependant ‘stars’.  By the way, there’s yet an unanswered question : Was Sapna Chaudhary coming?

*Eye wink*

Day 3 had a musical beginning with the main audi echoing with some of the finest Indian songs. The astounding  street and western dance performances were indeed full of oorja. Not to forget the glamour quotient.Apart from the formal events, informal ones like The Hunger Games, Bomb Squad, Treasure Hunt, Twist Your Body, Rangoli Making and several others made sure that there was never a moment to spare. Moksha concluded in the most unique manner with a soulful sufi night by the Nizami brothers followed by Bollywood DJ night, thereby marking the end of this roller coaster ride.

Well, we hope you don’t belong to that set of weak-hearted people who start vomiting after getting out of a roller coaster ride like this one. Three cheers to the organizing committee for making the event a success despite the constraints, though, we did miss our humour fest.  So, silencing all the exaggerated negative feedbacks, let’s all agree in unison to the fact that any day spent with friends dancing and laughing in such an intoxicating environment is indeed a festival, a festival of salvation from the monotony of classes, a festival of redemption from the sinistrous admin, a festival called MOKSHA!

– Ananya Srivastava, IT’20 and Shubham Roy, COE’19












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