GOA : A Battlefield to conquer!

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Preoccupied with finishing the exams on a high,

We started planning a trip with an open eye.

Joyous of no exams in the near future,

We were dreaming of trips like an ambitious ruler.

Goa was chosen as the perfect destination:

A Whatsapp group was made without any procrastination!


Beaches, Goan cuisine, kart racing became our swaraj,

As we marched towards our parents like a cavalry charge.

We could only afford alliance with them without a sign of rage.

For freedom, for Goa, we promised good grades in exchange!


Parents agreed, battlefield was ours to takeover,

Preparations began quickly as the awaited day came closer.

We went shopping for arsenal –

camera, selfie stick, dresses be it swimwear or casual!


Discussions took place in detail – where to swim and where to paraglide,

From Condolim beach to old goa heritage site,

Lovely Panajim to Dona Paula scenic sun-set,

We planned it all to make it the best.


Who would have thought of an act of cowardice by a group within?

Douchebags backing out, to let the rest of us dyin’.

In the last moments of climbing aboard for victory

They showed us an act of treachery!


I wish those compatriots to rot in their concentration camps

Who ruined our plans like Indian TV series vamps!

Backstabbers should be written in their epitaph.

For the good grades, we promised, still on deck, our parents have the

last laughs!


Words by: Rupav Jain

Designed by: Shikhar Tyagi

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