Division of Electronics & Communication Engineering

  1. Dr. Raj Senani, Professor & Head ; E-mail : senani@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. Harish Parthasarathy, Professor; E-mail : harishp@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr. (Ms.) Maneesha Gupta, Professor; E-mail : maneesha@nsit.ac.in
  4. Ms. Sujata Sengar, Associate Professor & Associate Head;E-mail : sujata@nsit.ac.in
  5. Sh. Dhananjay Vasudeo Gadre, Associate Professor;E-mail : dvgadre@nsit.ac.in
  6. Dr. Shree Prakash Singh, Associate Professor; E-mail : spsingh@nsit.ac.in
  7. Dr. (Ms.) Parul Garg, Associate Professor E-mail : parul@nsit.ac.in
  8. Dr. D.K. Upadhyay, Assistant Professor
  9. Dr. Jyotsna Singh, Assistant Professor :E-mail : jyotsna@nsit.ac.in
  10. Dr. Tarun Kr. Rawat, Assistant Professor :E-mail : tarun@nsit.ac.in
  11. Dr. Kunwar Singh, Assistant Professor :E-mail : kunwar.singh@nsit.ac.in
  12. Bhawna Aggarwal, Assistant Professor :E-mail : kbhawnagarg@yahoo.co.in
  13. Dr. Ankur Bansal, Assistant Professor :E-mail : bansal.ankur143@gmail.com
  14. Shailesh Mishra, Assistant Professor :E-mail : shaileshmishra@ieee.org
  15. Urvashi Bansal, Assistant Professor :E-mail : urvashi.bansal@gmail.com
  16. Dr. Shweta Gautam, Assistant Professor :E-mail : shwetauiet11@gmail.com


Division of Computer Engineering / Information Technology

  1. Dr. Shampa Chakraverty, Professor & Head; E-mail :shampa@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. Sangeeta Sabharwal, Professor; E-mail :ssab@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr. M.P.S. Bhatia, Professor; E-mail: mpsbhatia@nsit.ac.in
  4. Dr. Satish Chand, Professor; E-mail :satish@nsit.ac.in
  5. Dr. Satbir Jain, Associate Professor; E-mail :sjain@nsit.ac.in
  6. Sh. Rajeev Kumar, Associate Professor
  7. Dr. (Ms) Ritu Sibal, Assistant Professor; E-mail : rsb@nsit.ac.in
  8. Ms. Veenu, Assistant Professor; E-mail :veenu@nsit.ac.in
  9. Sh. Anand Gupta, Assistant Professor; E-mail :anand.gupta@nsit.ac.in
  10. Ms. Sushma Nagpal, Assistant Professor; E-mail :sushma@nsit.ac.in
  11. Ms. Preeti Kaur, Assistant Professor ; E-mail : preeti@nsit.ac.in
  12. Sh. Khushil Kr. Saini, Assistant Professor; E-mail :khushil@nsit.ac.in
  13. Sh. Bijendra Kumar, Assistant Professor; E-mail :bijender@nsit.ac.in
  14. Ms. Poonam Rani, Assistant Professor, E-mail : Poonamrana21@yahoo.com
  15. Ms. Vijeta Mehra, Assistant Professor
  16. Ms. Savita Yadav, Assistant Professor
  17. Dr. Pinaki Chakraborty, Assistant Professor
  18. Dr. Swati Aggarwal, Assistant Professor
  19. Vidhi Khanduja, Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Division of Instrumentation & Control Engineering

  1. Dr. A.P. Mittal, Professor & Head ; E-mail : headice@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. J.R.P. Gupta, Professor ; E-mail :jrpgupta@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr. (Ms.) Smriti Srivastava, Professor ; E-mail :smriti@nsit.ac.in
  4. Sh. R.C. Thakur, Associate Professor; E-mail : rct@nsit.ac.in
  5. Dr. K.P.S. Rana, Associate Professor & Associate Head; E-mail :kpsrana@nsit.ac.in
  6. Ms. Asha Rani, Associate Professor; E-mail : asha.rani@nsit.ac.in
  7. Dr. Vijander Singh, Associate Professor
  8. Dr. (Ms.) Prerna Gaur, Associate Professor; E-mail : prernagaur@yahoo.com
  9. Ms. Piyush Saxena, Assistant Professor; E-mail : piyush@nsit.ac.in
  10. Dr. Vineet Kumar, Assistant Professor; E-mail :vineet@nsit.ac.in
  11. Dr. (Ms.) Pragya Varshney, Assistant Professor; E-mail : pragya@nsit.ac.in
  12. Sh. Shyama Kant Jha, Assistant Professor (Workshop); E-mail : skjha@nsit.ac.in
  13. Sh. Vicky Suri, Assistant Professor; E-mail : vicky@nsit.ac.in
  14. Dr. Rajneesh Sharma, Assistant Professor; E-mail : rajneesh@nsit.ac.in
  15. Sh. Amar Nath Jha, Assistant Professor; E-mail : anjha@nsit.ac.in
  16.  Ms. Jyoti Yadav, Assistant Professor,  E-mail :jyoti@nsit.ac.in
  17. Ms. Maneesha Singh, Assistant Professor
  18. Dr. Bhavnesh Kumar, Assistant Professor
  19. Sh. Hasmat Malik, Assistant Professor

Division of Manufacturing Processes & Automation Engineering

  1. Dr. Sachin MaheshwariProfessor & Head ; E-mail : sachin@nsit.ac.in
  2. Sh. Dinesh Kumar Singh, Associate Professor; E-mail : dksingh@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Chak, Associate Professor; E-mail : skchak@nsit.ac.in
  4. Dr. Vijayant Aggarwal, Assistant Professor; E-mail : vijayant@nsit.ac.in
  5. Dr. S.K. Jha, Assistant Professor; E-mail : shailendra@nsit.ac.in (On Lien)
  6. Sh. Sanjay Gupta, Assistant Professor; E-mail : sgupta@nsit.ac.in
  7. Sh. A.V. Muley, Assistant Professor; E-mail : avmuley@nsit.ac.in
  8. Sh. Pradeep Khanna, Assistant Professor (Mech. Workshop); E-mail : pradeep@nsit.ac.in
  9. Sh. Aditya Kumar, Assistant Professor; E-mail : aditya@nsit.ac.in
  10. Sh. C.S. Verma, Assistant Professor; E-mail : csverma@nsit.ac.in (On Lien)
  11. Sh. Umang Soni, Assistant Professor, E-mail : umang.soni@nsit.ac.in
  12. Sh.  Andriya Narasimhulu, Assistant Professor, E-mail : andriya@nsit.ac.in
  13. Sh. Narender Kumar, Assistant Professor, E-mail : narender.kumar@nsit.ac.in
  14. Sh. Abhishek Tevatia, Assistant Professor, E-mail : abhishek.tevatia@nsit.ac.in
  15. Sh. Arvind Meena, Assistant Professor, E-mail : arvind.meena@nsit.ac.in
  16. Sh. Manish Kumar, Assistant Professor, E-mail : manish.kumar@nsit.ac.in
  17. Sh. Pramendra Kumar Bajpai, Assistant Professor, E-mail : pramendra.bajpai@nsit.ac.in

Division of Information Technology

  1. Dr. Sangeeta Sabharwal, Head; E-mail :ssab@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dhurandher, Associate Professor & Associate Head
  3. Ms. Amarjit Malhotra, Assistant Professor
  4. Sh. Devender Kumar, Assistant Professor
  5. Dr. Vikas Maheshkar, Assistant Professor
  6. Ms. Deepika Kukreja, Assistant Professor
  7. Ms. Ankita Jain Bansal, Assistant Professor
  8. Sh. Deepak Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor
  9. Sh. Satish Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor

Division of Biotechnology

  1. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dubey, Professor & Head ; E-mail : akdubey@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. (Ms.) Sonika Bhatnagar, Assistant Professor; E-mail : sbhatnagar@nsit.ac.in
  3. Sh. Akhilesh Dubey, Assistant Professor, E-mail : akhilesh.dubey@nsit.ac.in
  4. Dr. Shilpa Sharma, Assistant Professor
  5. Sh. Soumya Sasmal, Assistant Professor
  6. Dr. Vishal Mishra, Assistant Professor
  7. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, Assistant Professor, E-mail : sanjeev.kumar@nsit.ac.in
  8.  Dr. Yatender Kumar, Assistant Professor, E-mail : yatender.kumar@nsit.ac.in
  9. Sh. Ajay Kataria, Assistant Professor, E-mail :ajay.kataria@nsit.ac.in
  10. Ms. Akanksha Kulshreshtha, Assistant Professor
  11. Dr. Rajiv Kumar, DST INSPIRE Faculty

School of Applied Sciences

Dr. Vijay Gupta, Head

(i) Physics

    1. Dr. Om Prakash Thakur, Professor; E-mail :opthakur@nsit.ac.in
    2. Dr. (Ms.) Ranjana Jha, Associate Professor; E-mail :ranjana@nsit.ac.in(ii) Chemistry
  1. Dr. Sanjeev Thakur, Associate Professor; E-mail : sanjeevethakur@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. (Ms.) Anjana Sarkar, Assistant Professor; E-mail : anjana@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr.(Ms.) Purnima Jain, Assistant Professor; E-mail : purnima@nsit.ac.in(iii) Mathematics
  4. Dr. Vijay Gupta, Professor E-mail : vijay@nsit.ac.in
  5. Dr. J.K. Misra, Associate Professor; E-mail : jkmishra@nsit.ac.in
  6. Dr. Jasobanta Jena, Associate Professor; E-mail : jjena@nsit.ac.in
  7. Dr. Mamta Mishra, Associate Professor; E-mail : mmishra@nsit.ac.in
  8. Dr. J.K. Singh, Assistant Professor; E-mail : jksingh@nsit.ac.in
  9. Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Assistant Professor; E-mail : neeraj@nsit.ac.in


School of Humanities & Management

  1. Ms. Tanushree Choudhary, Assistant Professor (English); E-mail :tanushree@nsit.ac.in
  2. Dr. (Ms.) Duru Arun Kumar, Assistant Professor (Sociology); E-mail : darun@nsit.ac.in
  3. Dr. Prashanta Kumar Bhuyan, Assistant Professor (Sociology)

Training & Placement

  1. Dr. M.P.S. Bhatia, Coordinator ; E-mail : mpsbhatia@nsit.ac.in

Continuing Education Programme

  1. Dr. J.K. Misra, Coordinator ; E-mail : jkmishra@nsit.ac.in

Institute Networking Scheme

  1. Sh. R.C.Thakur, Coordinator ; E-mail : rct@nsit.ac.in

Industry Institute Partnership Cell

  1. Dr. A.P. Mittal, Coordinator
  2. Dr. Satbir Jain, Co-Coordinator ; E-mail : sjain@nsit.ac.in


  1. Dr. MPS Bhatia, Chairman, Library Advisory Committee
  2. Dr. Jasobanta Jena, Head, Library Services E-mail: jjena@nsit.ac.in
  3. Sh. Prabhat Kumar Choudhary, Assistant Librarian ; E-mail : prabhat@nsit.ac.in