Types of Girl Hostelers

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There’s only one word to describe the atmosphere inside a girls hostel – UNREAL. An outsider can never imagine what goes on inside. From those late night girl talks to sleepless nights before exams, from night-outs to unplanned Harlem Shakes, from fighting over silly issues to making life long buddies, there are only a few […]

Moksha’17 : A Roller-coaster Ride

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Moksha: A Rollercoaster Ride Remember your last roller coaster ride? That thrilling, suspenseful and exhilarating experience. Undoubtedly, Moksha’17 was a roller coaster ride in NSIT’s World of Wonder. You could hear the buzzing of excitement from your fellow seniors talking about previous times and how thrilling Edward Maya had been. You could feel all the […]

Pokémon Go- The New Epidemic

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Breaking New! A new drug named ‘Pokémon Go’ is infecting the homo-sapiens at an exponential rate. The symptoms of this drug include: Swaying your mobile phone in air and focussing in blankness, walking several kilometers everyday, discussing Pokémon-Go with every next person and always being lost in your phone. Many bizarre instances of Pokémon Go have been reported. Recently, a […]