Sports Ground

Sports Complex

The NSIT Stadium: Home of the Warriors
Not afraid and not too romantic! Sick of all those lectures & rebukes from your most hated professor? Concentrate all your anger into playing a game of football or cricket with your friends instead. The temple for every sports enthusiast in NSIT awaits you.Boasting of a huge sports complex, NSIT does well to lighten the academic load. This is the place for the stereotypical jock or athlete. The cricket pitch, the running tracks, the tennis, badminton and basketball courts replete with lithe enthusiastic athletes proving their mettle on the grounds, a sportsperson’s dreams come true! If you are the one who would love to go there, kick the other crabs that are not letting you go, make a run for the stadium and you might even get lucky and witness a match(Basketball, Football, Cricket; your choose!). It doesn’t matter whether you watch or play, the stress relief in itself is reward enough.