Nescii Lawns
Definitely the most revered of hang out locations in NSIT. Whether it be the prospect of Lawnschilling with friends or basking in the sun, Nescii Lawns is pristine & wonderful in all respects. Your heart yearns to sit on the lush green grass all day and babble on ceaselessly with friends. Any true Messi or Ronaldo fan would know the dangers of playing football on the Nescii grass – incessant rebukes from the guards. After all, the holy grass cannot be touched by the likes of mere mortals! Kidding. But if you really want to irritate the admin to no extent, start playing football or cricket there.
Also, the lawns are subject to weekly meetings of most societies. Ashwamedh actors can be heard miles away in the streets of Dwarka shouting & chanting slogans zealously.