NSIT is well equipped with four boys’ hostels, two girls’ hostels and a Guest house.


Talking about the boys’ hostel, like the hostels we generally reckon as a traditional one for undergraduates, it is the same. Or is it? Let’s have a look.

Way to Boys Hostel

Surrounded by lush green atmosphere of serenity, the boys’ hostels are centrally located among the canteens, playgrounds and the college. In close proximity with the North Gate, the hostels enjoy a population composed of students from different parts of the country, as well as Delhites. A separate hostel is granted to an exclusive year of students. In each hostel, there are four staircases, one in each block, apart from the central staircase, connecting the three floors to the main lobby.
The rooms are allotted through a lottery system, and one might find his room in any of the three floors in any of the four blocks.

The first year hostel, called the Ramanujan Hostel, is well equipped with all the facilities a normal 18 year old could think of.

Clean washrooms well-maintained by the staff. There are 5 to 6 washrooms on each floor, so you won’t have to wait, ever, for anything. There are two to three water coolers on each floor, and we never run short of purified drinking water.

There’s a well-organized laundry system maintained by the caretaker. Just pitch in 15 rupees for some detergent and the concerned authority takes care of the rest. Just, do this before 8 p.m. or burn others’ nasal hair the entire next day.

Hungry? No need to worry! There’s a common mess maintained by the committee composed of students, who decide the menu for the week and revise it regularly. Apart from the mess, we have four canteens at our disposal! There’s McCain, and Just Cafeteria, Zayca and Mini-Zayca very closely situated to each of the four hostels. Order a Pizza and your room is a mess, thanks to all your friends. Well, talk to sweeper bhaiya the next morning and he cleans your room for free!

With absolute silence and peace of mind, and well a pretty study table too, there’s nothing which can bore of off from your books. Studying is just easier once you’re in the hostel. The environment at home and at hostel, widely different from apart each other. Just spread around your books and notes, lock your room and you won’t even realize how long you studied for at a stretch.

Need notes before exams? No need to hustle and panic! You have 300 brothers to help you out.
Group study? No big deal. Just ring a few numbers and many (believe me, MANY) are there at your doorstep to explain you whatever topic you want. The most trusted source of counselling- our seniors, are just a dozen steps away!

Bored of studying? Need to watch Kapil or a UEFA or cricket match? We have a common T.V. room always full of people with whom you are well invited to laugh or scream in unison. There’s also an entertainment committee of students, which holds a ‘movie night’ on specific days of the month.

Are you a sports freak? Well. There are two well-equipped semi-covered badminton courts and two table tennis tables. There’s a sports fest, Milan, exclusively for hostellers, inviting participants of various blocks for Cricket, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess etc. This all is well, apart from the overnight counterstrike and FIFA matches played by the students.

Vasant Panchmi is a day of great joyous celebration in the hostel, which nobody misses because of all the delicious food we get after the pooja.

Hostels just tend to give you shelter, and food, and what not. But NSIT hostel? Well. It’s not just a hostel. It’s a home away from home. And we are not just hostellers. We are a huge family! :)s




Here in NSIT, there are two girls hostel namely GH-1 and GH-2. Of them, GH-2 was introduced in the year 2012. GH-1 is located near the football field and staff quarters while GH-2 is located near the campuses’ shopping complex facing the staff quarters. Currently, 1st, 2nd and 4th year girls reside in GH-1 and 3rd year girls reside in GH-2 since 2012 so obviously GH-1 is bigger than GH-2 when it comes to capacity and space. Unfortunately, there are no individual rooms allotted. Rooms are shared by mostly 2 girls.

Unlike most horrifying tales that we come around regarding hostels, the girls hostel in NSIT are spacious, cleaner and safer. The most important factor that defines a hostel is food. The hostel mess food is pretty tolerable. Menu is changed quarterly and it is ensured that it isn’t spice. The dessert which is served at dinner is the favourite and the yummiest part of the meal.

Living in a hostel has its own pros and cons. The cons would include stricter deadline of 8:30 pm which becomes kind of annoying during fest time, lack of privacy which we would enjoy in our individual rooms at home, homesickness, lack of luxuries of gadgets, TV, AC, etc you would enjoy at home and obviously “maa ke haath ka khana”. However, once you overcome the homesickness, you create a world of your own in your hostel room. You learn to live independently, learn to take decisions of your own, learn to take care of your things, waking up on your own whether at the sound of your alarm or at the sound of your roommate waking you up, getting ready hurriedly (sometimes without taking a bath) and skipping food in order to attend important lectures; all this becomes a part of your daily routine. During exams, running from door to door for confirming syllabus and begging for notes is what gives hostellers an edge over “dayskis”.

In the end, we would like to conclude with a line taken from the poem written by our college alumnus saying “hostel mein paani nahin baaki sab theek hai”.