Famous Places in NSIT

Witch Lane: Face your worst fears.Witches Lane

Watch out for creepy crawlies with dead bodies sprawled around and a bloody red pavement.  Too gore for you? Maybe! But, the vast expanse of trees and the narrow pavement definitely make for a spooky time. Located near the IIIT block, Witch lane is the purported residence of a witch (no witch has been found till now though). If you think you are tough, visit at night without a flash light. It will surely pump the adrenaline in.

Lover’s lane: Fancy a walk!

After traversing through the deadly Witch lane, let us move to a lighthearted isolated lane (no brownie points for guessing why) surrounded by flowering trees whose leaves pave the path. Sounds amazing right? Situated just adjacent to the stadium near the Guest House, it is the haven for all lovers in the college (hence the name). And why should it not be! The environment somber, the ambience amazing and ‘the road less travelled’ exquisite! It all fits. Even though tractors and trolleys trod the road seldom, why should that ruin your fun! Leisurely walk around in nature’s heavenly bliss.


The Girls Hostel 1 situated near the faculty quarters are out of bounds for the Male Human Beings in College. Ropes, sticks and drums barricade the way warning of ‘deadly’ consequences (Too much exaggeration, eh?) The lush green environs and the adjacent nursery provide a soothing environment in the area around GH1. With its various colours (not literally), GH1 is an unknown territory for boys (not that they should spend more of their time there) and a safe haven for girls.