Butterflies of Time

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Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


So, the story begins in a far off land called ‘The Town Of Melodious Times’. This place has got these amazing seasons and no, they aren’t the routine summers, autumns or winters. Here, every season represents a melodious memory which are captured by the indigenous people in something called the ‘Time Jars’.

Every seasonal change is carried out by the approval of the Seasons and Time manager, Mr. Mcnuff. This is followed by the spilling of the Time Jar to bring about the change. Now this fabulous place also holds a unique event called the ‘Butterflies of Time’ where any one of the most-wished melodious memories is granted to be relived.

Mr. Mcnuff has nominated one such beautiful memory this April; the memory of a girl and her journey from her fresher man year  to her last year in college. Okay, let me correct , ‘last year in an Engineering College’.

Sitting in his cabin, he clears his throat to indicate the commencement of his presentation. As soon as he begins, all the workers in the room drift into the white and pristine memories of the girl and her exotic journey.


It all began in the month of August when I started my first year in college. There was this stupid anxiety and a crazy feeling of suddenly growing up. My college ‘NSIT’ is a brick red castle endowed with all the bounties of nature, in fact a whole of its own biodiversity. The exotic species include dancing peacocks, jumping squirrels, lonely dogs , mess-with-us-not  frogs (who are seasonal guests) and not to forget its very own kind of endangered and rarest species –  the students.

I got friends of all kind; the lazy-crazy, the topper, the advisor, the mass bunker, the shy, the jealous of me kind, the popular, the cynic, and the know-it-all gyani.

So, it all started sinking in. The environment, the nature, admin, mass bunks, the no-water-all year fountain, our eating places, attendance torture, semester exams and yet I couldn’t initially love my college. Why? I could never understand. I remember all those times and smile. As time passed by, I stopped being critical and began to lose myself in the seasons at NSIT, be it slogging it out for the societies, advising friends on things I myself was never sure about, giving on-the-spot viva sessions, lazing in nesci or finding hidden books in library.  I learned to live without my mother. Growing up in this brick red , 144 acres campus was not easy but after four years of struggle ( with attendance, backs, stupid apparatus and strange outbursts of emotions), I realized that I was going to terribly miss my college and I wanted to live it till the very last of times.

I am stepping forward to the outside world, a world different from NSIT, a world where corporate giants might not recognize the free and wild spirit of mine and expect a certain robotic behavior. A world bereft of NSIT-like friends who had solutions for everything from failures to break-ups.

A world which is not where I grew up. I am moving forward to a world where I am unknown and stepping back from a world where I found myself.

Dedicated to all my super-seniors. Thank you for making this journey memorable.

With love,

NSIT kee forever fuchhi.

By- Gurarpit kaur


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