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WTF: Where’s the food?

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Greetings, fuchchas! Now that you have made it into NSIT, it’s high time that we prepare you for your survival amidst the woods. Worry not what’s in store for your future, just worry ‘what’s in store for your lunch?’ One thing that you may rest assured while at NSIT is ‘thou shalt not be hungry’. […]


Pokémon Go- The New Epidemic

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Breaking New! A new drug named ‘Pokémon Go’ is infecting the homo-sapiens at an exponential rate. The symptoms of this drug include: Swaying your mobile phone in air and focussing in blankness, walking several kilometers everyday, discussing Pokémon-Go with every next person and always being lost in your phone. Many bizarre instances of Pokémon Go have been reported. Recently, a […]


Movie Review: Sultan

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So, go to the theatre not to spot mistakes, but to appreciate a sport, watch amazing fight sequences and experience some light-hearted comedy!   One of the most awaited movies, Sultan, finally released this Eid. With the enormous fan following of Salman Khan, a fresh chemistry with Anushka Sharma, talented actors like Randeep Hooda, dramatic […]


Old Lang Syne

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Sliding the rusty gate, Leaving disturbing squeaks behind, Eyes gleamed with all the memories of old lang syne.   As I walked into that autumn porch of pronto, Scanning through that old Architecture of bronco, Closed chapters soliloquized their saga yet again, Reclaiming their existences, They delineated all over again.   Those chapters from yore; […]


Amazing Life at NSIT

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Every freshman is filled with doubts and confusions before head starting a new life. Here is a sophomore expressing her 330 days’ feelings in 330 words – “I never knew a 145-acre lush green renowned technical institution ‘NSIT’ would grant me such a new and joyful life. Almost everyone then, underwent frustration and dilemmas, with the main […]